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The Parish

About the parish, Nyantende parish where i was a priest before i came to Italy and where i wish i’d be put back when i finish studies in Italy, is 51 years of creation of which care was given to the franciscans in the 1984. Very nice and living liturgy, good people (in all 50 thousands faithful). It has 6 pastoral outstations and 7 schools. We worked hard for the good of this parish. But on the 3rd january 2008, the parish old and purely made church collapsed out of an earthquake, during a children mass i was saying (thank God not even one child was injured as the church collapsed rather outwards. ). We have been raising founds in any ways to help building the church a new church. But people in europe are no longer interrested in buyilding churches as most churches here in europe are now empty. So a hard job for my coleagues there in nyantende actually. But i believe God will provide.

The Parish: The parish of Nyantende is one the 33 parishes of the Bukavu Archdiocese in the eastern RD Congo, South Kivu Region, canonically erected in 1960, under the patronage of Our Lady of Congo, the same patronage of the country that had its independence in the same year. It is made of roughly 60.000 faithful organized in  60 small Christian Communities (CEV= communautés ecclesial Vivantes) and  6 main pastoral sectors (outstations). The stature of the parish is as follow:

Sector of Kamisimbi (Holy Trinity) – Sector of Murhaluza (Saint Clare) – Sector of Cimpwiji ( Blessed Anuarite) – Sector of Ihasi ( Christ the Savior) – Sector of Nyantende (Our Lady) – Sector of Buhozi (Christ the King)

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