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  1. The Parish Movements Associations:  Nyantende parish allow the faithful who feel the need of living their Christian life in association to do it under the spiritual guidance and chaplaincy of the parish. The main catholic movements in the parish are:
  • The Legio Mariae (League of mary): nyantende has the leading number in the diocese with its 3 comitium (Nyantende, murhaluza and kamisimbi)  and a very committed youth curia.
  • The Catholic Charismatic Renewal
  • The Marian priestly movement
  • The scouts
  • The Justice and Peace movement
  • The Xaveri
  • The widow and widower
  • Apostolate to the couples and families
  • Fraternita of Charles de Foucault
  • Tertiary Franciscan movement
  • Catholic Women
  • The liturgical movement: among which the choir (600) , the Order keeper (150), altar servants (85), liturgical dansers (200), readers (55),
  • The missionary childhood: made of children under 13 years who seek to grow in Christian values. Among their main activities is the liturgical dance during mass in a Congolese liturgy and Christian apostolate to the needy (old people).
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