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 Cathecism and Sacraments

Whitin the Nyantende Parish-Mission the Catechism is one of the most important areas. The year starts on September 2 and closes on July 2 (except for the ongoing adult formation).

Catechism of the Catholic Church


Adult Baptism: Monday and Saturday  (7 am and 2 pm)

First Communion: Wednesday and Saturday (7 a.m, and 2 p.m)

Confirmation: Wednesday and Saturday (7 a.m, and 2 p.m)

Marriage Preparation: Thursday (9-11 am) and Sunday (8-10 am)

3 Months Accelerated Adult Catechesis (Occasional)

Adult Continuous Formation: 

Monday – (The Youth)

Tuesday – (The Kizito-Anuarite,  The under 17 boys and girls)

Wednesday – (Married Women)

Friday – (Youth Girls above 17 years onwards)

Saturday – (Married Men),

*3 Months Accelerated Adult Catechesis Occasional

Infant Baptism: Every 3 months

Adult baptism: Easter Vigil

Confirmation:  On the Pentecost day

First communion: On The Corpus Cristi

Weddings: Friday 9 am  for the veterans and Saturday at 9 am for the new comers


Services preformed in 2010: During the 50 golden years there was noticeable huge number of people coming to the sacraments especially from the youth.

Easter vigil 2010: 540 adult baptisms

Corpus Christi 2010: 410 first communion

Pentecost:  2010: 776 confirmed

Youth accelerated Initiation (august 2010): 560 baptized + confirmed

Weddings: 320 couples

Services preformed in 2011:

Easter vigil: 410 adult baptized

Pentecost: 670 confirmed

Corpus Cristi: 370 first communion



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