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Catholic Church

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)


Also known as: Demokratische Republik Kongo (Deutsch), República Democrática del Congo (español), la République démocratique du Congo (français), Repubblica Democratica del Congo (Italiano)

Formerly: Zaire, Belgian Congo
Continent: Eastern and Central Africa
Capital: Kinshasa
Population: 58,318,000
Area: 2,267,600 km²
Patron Saint: Immaculate Conception
Religions: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%, other syncretic sects and indigenous beliefs 10%
Languages: French (official), Lingala (a lingua franca trade language), Kingwana (a dialect of Kiswahili or Swahili), Kikongo, Tshiluba
Motto: Justice – Paix – Travail (French) (Justice, Peace, Work)

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