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“Our brothers who help kill us”

June 24, 2011

Document – Democratic Republic of Congo: “Our brothers who help kill us”: Economic exploitation and human rights abuses in the east.

“Our brothers who help kill us” – economic exploitation and human rights abuses in the east.

 “I am convinced now…that the lives of Congolese people no longer mean anything to anybody. Not to those who kill us like flies, our brothers who help kill us or those you call the international community… Even God does not listen to our prayers any more and abandons us.”
Salvatore Bulamuzi, a member of the Lendu community whose parents, two wives and five children were all killed in recent attacks on the town of Bunia, north-eastern DRC.
“Let’s not hide the facts: there are only two principal actors in the area controlled by the rebels. On the one hand there is Uganda and its army, the UPDF. And on the other, there is Rwanda and the RPA [the Rwandese army]. The others you call rebels are only the local servants in the service of Kigali [Rwanda] and Kampala [Uganda]… And since they also find wealth in this way, they join up with these forces and all we poor people can do is die…”
Hangui.T, a resident of Nyankunde, a small town near Bunia in Ituri, where more than 200 people died in intercommunal violence in September 2002. READ MORE


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